Sunday, February 27, 2011

What is up?

Talk about crazy?  I guess we should fill people in!  Dave is in his last few months of school and our last few months as a seminary couple to clergy couple.  Last week, serveral things that could wreck someone's nerves happened first and foremost,  I have a new job which I need to start taking pictures of the food I make- it really is good and looks says my husband and now I do a bit of cooking for 60 people.  Also, we found out we are moving to the OTA's! We are super excited- so to show everything in the past 6 months, I will do a photo per month

August- we were married and it's great most days!

September- Honeymoon and it was great
(Yes jealous)
October- it's Halloween and craziness- went on a mini Vacay

November- First Holiday at the Grandma's
December- We were snowed in and also worked with my little kids
      ( Them at Thanksgiving)
January- I lost out on what it happened
February- I moved into a new job and well we are moving to the OTA's

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